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I dont speak English because mostly people dont in my country. I dont have a computer at home, because its very expensive thing and its luxery to have it at home.

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I dream about buying one, but its impossible right now. I use internet service of Nataly Marriage Agency in my city. I have my add there. Presently I dont correspond with anybody, I even dont know why it doesnt work out yet.

Nataly Agency (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) from Dnepropetrovsk a russian scammer?

Maybe because I cant reply sometimes fast. Some people dont understand that life here is very hard and sometimes you cant write a letter by e-mail just because you dont have money to pay for this.

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Thats why I wouldnt like to keep long correspondence, but I would like to know for sure that I have a chance to meet my pen-pal in person. From Marina Mikhailik Maybe I am simplier that you imagine me. I dont speak English , just a very little bit, because people dont speak English here.

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I wrote to Marina at Her response was sent back to me at 2: When I came here, I did not know what to write and how to write. I am not a writer, I am a medical nurse. The psychologist of Nataly Agency talked with me for about an hour and offered me an exapmle of a letter which would reflect my character better of all. We were doing it together trying to express my personality, thoughts, expectations. I take this correpondence very seriously because I hope to find my life-partner very soon. I will not leave the Agency.

I know that its a very reliable, honest, and trustworthy company. I talked personaly with women who are now in a process of fiancee visa through Agency! I saw many pictures of happily married couples on displays here, in office! I trully believe these people are very helpful, they bring people together.

They make invitations for visa, they submit papers, do translations, accompany women to Embassy, they do so much job. You offer to me to go somethere else to correspond but do you know how much will I pay for this in another place? Nataly Agency charges less for translation than any English translation service charges.

Before this I was a client of Soul Agency here, in Dniepropetrovsk and I spent my money for nothing being their customer for 1 year. But here, in Nataly, I receive letters already and I hope to reach my goal soon. I wish you the best in your searches, Marina Mikhailik. When you do want to talk to them they say you need to buy "credits" which don't last but s few minutes to a half hour. Paid for a membership which allows you unlimited emails back and forth.

Catch is the women don't want to send letters, they want video chat. Of course they do it cost more money to continue "chatting".

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Makes you wonder if they aren't employees using us men to pay their rent and utilities by supporting chat sessions. When you get personal information past the system, the women say they want to chat on the site, no where else. Another clue its a job for them not a way of finding a man abroad. It won't be worth your time or money. Especially hard earned money. Probably the worst of the Russian dating sites!! The site is horrible to navigate around. You are not allowed to exchange any personal details which is pretty standard for most of the sites because they don't want you to ever leave.

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Most of the girls claim they can't contact you on Skype or anything else because their computers don't have the software. Most of the agencies provide them with laptops to chat at home so that I can keep the Dollard parade going. Review of Marriage Agency Nataly. Marriage Agency Nataly reviews Is this your business?

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