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These are some of the questions that sparked this thread on Reddit about couples who grew up in different socioeconomic classes. Ryan, Reddit user morepantsroom, is a bank teller from Kansas City. His fiancee, Libby, is a teacher. Both in their late 20s, the couple met at Emporia State University through mutual friends, and started dating. I really liked that.

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He was putting himself through college and paid for everything himself. My father and stepmother—both hardcore bikers—were given custody of me. I grew up learning learning how to sell drugs, fight, work on bikes, make moonshine … My parents beat me, neglected me, pimped me out. Libby had an upper-middle class upbringing and the accoutrements of such a life: He got into fights because that was the only way he was taught to resolve conflict.

To Ryan, paying bills on time and having food on the table meant stability. To Libby, however, personal happiness and satisfaction were equally important as getting paid. Today, Ryan says he and Libby keep learning from each other. They acknowledge that the differences in their upbringing brings unique challenges to their relationship, and are proactive about getting help from support groups and classes. I know how to balance a checkbook and manage my college debt.

Really, we just teach each other and love each other for our differences. Her husband, Phil, works in human resources. They met working at a toy store called Air Traffic in Minnesota. We bonded over the struggles of being a young adult: Our wedding was amazing. I appreciate where I came from, and that will never change. Cameron, Reddit user bigbenz, is a year-old economics and arts management student at the State University of New York at Purchase.

His ex-girlfriend, Rebecca, 21 is also an arts management student. They dated for almost a year and just recently broke up. The first time Cameron realized Rebecca was rich was when he first went into her room and looked at her closet. I wear mostly clothes from Target and Forever Cameron calls himself a country bumpkin.

At his hometown, he was paid minimum wage for manual labor. His mom worked at a bank and his father was a contractor. That divide was one that Cameron was really insecure about: Plus, I felt like I was always in a losing competition with everyone else she knew. As they spent more time together, however, Cameron, who is white, learned that Rebecca—who is Vietnamese-American—faced her own challenges, despite the class divide. My boyfriend however comes from a divorced family who both do reasonably well, especially on his dad side where they own a farm.

My boyfriend is in school but does not work. He has tried a few jobs but always ends up quitting them in a months time. His parents pay for his rent, his car, his school, and for most things in his life. The money he does have that is his is money from cows that he inherited from the farm they own.

Dating Someone Out of Your Social Class

I've been working since I was 16 years old. There's just no other way of life for me. It truly bothers me that he doesn't work. Part of it could be because I'm jealous, but a big part of it is because I just feel like we have different values in life. I told him that when we have kids I want them to work when they're in high school, and that I expect them to help pay for their car. I also believe that when they're in college they should pay for their own rent. I think it's good to teach kids to be self sufficient at a young age. He doesn't agree, and said he isn't going to force his kids to work and he wants to help them as much as possible.

He's a dreamer when it comes to life and I just view things more realistically.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It truly bothers me that we have such different outlooks on life. It bothers me that I bust my ass waiting tables where he just plays video games all night with no care in the world. I don't know if his parents will always support him or just until he's done with school. I'm majoring in social work and he's majoring in music business, both majors that most likely we won't become rich on.

He really thinks though that he will be able to make a lot of money, which I know probably isn't true. So all in all what I'm saying is that we were just raised very differently, he has been very spoiled while I've learned to be self sufficient. It truly bothers me and I wish I could just let it go.

Dating someone from a different socioeconomic background : relationship_advice

Should I just get over myself? Maybe I'm just being jealous. I do love him very much, but it more boils down to that we just have different values and I don't know if we'll be able to grow old or raise a family together with such different thinking. It's possible for two people from different backgrounds like this to work out. But I would in no way take any big steps until he can prove that he can be self-sufficient. What that means is no moving in, no getting married, no babies, no combined finances, no major purchases, until Mommy and Daddy stop paying his bills.

If he can navigate that hurdle and mature, then I think you two can reach a compromise. There's a large area between your view and his where common ground can be located. My boyfriend 30 also comes from a much higher class background than I do. My parents have not been a part of my life since I was 19 I'm 25 now , and his parents have no problem stepping in at his request to help us out.

He does have a full time job, but isn't very responsible with his money hence his asking his parents for help. I'm very proud of being self-reliant, and it's something he's never had to do.

I do think part of me is jealous the falling out between my parents and I was very emotional and has never been resolved , but I'm also worried that we just don't value the same things. I wold very strongly recommend not moving further in your relationship living together, engagement, etc.

My boyfriend didn't leave home until he was 27 to move in with me and I truly think that was a mistake.