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Originally posted by Mays:. Csontzuzo View Profile View Posts. So the only solution to have 3 succesfull dates with every single person so they will finally leave the town to fullfill their dream. But sooo many days elapsing while waiting for next date and then for next person, thats just too many.

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I thought the serve 15k customers will be the most time consuming achievement in this game, but i was wrong, the love chef takes way more time. At least the game is entertaining and i still enjoy it. Kryzz View Profile View Posts. I just wish it was clearer. It says date the entire pool of people, but apparently there's 6 different food types of people you get, and I've definitely dated 6 on my normal file now; baked potato, lasagna, fries, burger, nachos and soup, but I think one or two in the past I've forgotten to put the correct food on the menu for their day so I didn't complete their dates.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! New Screens, Release Date Update | Vertigo Gaming Inc.

Now I'm trying to work out which ones I still need to do. Last edited by Kryzz ; 10 Aug, 1: You definitely need to have a successful three dates with each of them and get their golden tickets.

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I got my Love Chef achievement before I got my 15k. It's important to make them a priority over anything else when you get the chance to date them if you want to get the achievement. I lost a whole bunch of hours to it, and enjoyed every minute. But in general I tried to succeed the texting parts.

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And you get the tickets. However, they will be returned to the candidate pool for the player to try to date again at a later time. The original CSD is one of those games that just perfectly hit my pleasure centers.

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Once the player achieves a two-star restaurant, they will receive an email prompting the choice to either date men or date copk this can be changed at anytime in the Options menu. The sequel to brilliantly bamboozling cooking game Cook, Serve, Delicious cook serve delicious dating site has a release date. Also good to have been teased with the knowledge that silver tickets are more useful than they appear at the start. As for ultimate usefullness, let's just say the game does a good job of simulating a cook's love life and maybe romance in general.

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Cooking Fever Nordcurrent 1. That seems like a huge amount to target.

I had a chat with the dev too. If your partner is equal to the task, they can cook serve delicious dating site right into the complex orders when slte gets crazy. I also plan cook serve delicious dating site having another patch for CSD 1 later this month to fix some remaining bugs.

And rush hour hits. After the candidate leaves, the player will receive a phone call from them sometime later in the day to engage in a text conversation.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! - #59: The Final Date

The player must make the right choices in replying, but doing so locks the player out of doing any cooking or chores until the conversation is over. Both how well their order was done and making the correct choices during the text conversation will determine whether the relationship continues. The candidate will return every couple of days to order their favorite food and phone text, with the candidate giving the player Golden Tickets if the relationship concludes successfully. Otherwise, the candidate will call off the relationship and leave the player with nothing.